We don’t like getting poked needlessly or having to wait awhile for biopsy results either. That’s why we invented the ClariCore™ Biopsy System. Its real-time classification of prostate tissue is being designed to offer immediate results for the 45% to 50% of men being biopsied who don’t have prostate cancer. For everyone else, ClariCore is being designed to reduce the number of samples requiring analysis to only those it classifies as suspicious.

The power of two: handpiece + console.

Unlike the typical stand-alone biopsy gun, our ClariCore Biopsy System is a device platform that consists of a controllable handpiece with integrated fiber optics and a digital console. They are intended to work together to enable rapid classification of normal prostate tissue, a process that now takes several days because tissue samples have to be sent out for pathological analysis.

Answers at the speed of light.

Waiting for results is often the worst part of getting a biopsy. In the future, ClariCore’s unique ability to use light to provide instantaneous tissue classification during the biopsy procedure may enable your doctor to rule out disease in specific areas on the spot. This same real-time information may also enable more accurate needle placement into suspicious tissue.

A prostate biopsy that asks less of you.

By only sampling tissue that’s classified as suspicious, ClariCore may be able to help your doctor take only those samples requiring further evaluation. This could be up to 90% fewer samples during a normal prostate biopsy e.g. one or two samples instead of the usual 12 samples.