The ClariCore™ Biopsy System will perform spectral analysis to rapidly classify whether tissue in the prostate is normal or suspicious, helping to minimize the number of core samples taken during biopsies while providing you valuable real-time information.

A prostate biopsy that asks less of your patients.

By only sampling tissue that’s classified as suspicious, ClariCore may be able to help you take up to 90% fewer core samples during a normal prostate biopsy e.g., one or two samples instead of the usual 12 samples. However, you will always have the option to take a core sample regardless of the system’s tissue classification.

A prostate biopsy that supports your decision-making process.

ClariCore is being developed to help guide your decisions during the biopsy procedure by providing you with valuable real-time feedback via a controllable needle and rapid classification of prostate tissue—all things that aren’t possible during today’s standard “blind” biopsy with a “rapid fire” biopsy gun.

A potential solution for addressing rising pathology costs.

By greatly reducing the number of core samples that contain no actionable diagnostic information (and thus don’t need to be sent out for analysis), the ClariCore Biopsy System is being designed to potentially help the U.S. healthcare system save on pathology costs.