We wouldn’t like getting poked needlessly and waiting for several days to know where we stand either. That’s why we invented the ClariCore™ Biopsy System. It’s the first prostate biopsy system of its kind that’s being designed to use spectral analysis to enable classification of normal prostate tissue during the biopsy procedure.

The power of two: handpiece + console.

Our ClariCore Biopsy System consists of a single-use handpiece with integrated fiber optics and a console with a touch screen. They are designed to work together to enable real-time classification of normal prostate tissue, previously possible only by using histopathological analysis that took several days to perform.

Works for the whole team.

ClariCore is designed to integrate seamlessly with today’s urological practices. Every detail—from the ergonomic grip on the handpiece to the portability and flexibility of the console—has been considered for all room configurations and physician and assistant working set-ups.

A prostate biopsy that asks less of your patients.

By only sampling tissue that’s classified as suspicious, ClariCore may be able to help you take up to 90% fewer core samples during a normal prostate biopsy e.g., one or two samples instead of the usual 12 samples. However, you will always have the option to take a core sample regardless of the system’s tissue classification.

Work the way you want.

The ClariCore Biopsy System is designed to work the same way you do now when you perform standard TRUS prostate biopsies, with an ultrasound machine to guide the ClariCore biopsy needle into the prostate.