We’re not here to replace the prostate needle biopsy—just make it better. The controllable ClariCore™ Handpiece is equipped with an optical fiber and a smart sidekick in the form of a companion console. Together, they are designed to provide an in-vivo tissue-classifying biopsy system.



One wicked smart console.

The light that’s reflected back from the optical fiber in the ClariCore Handpiece is sent to the companion ClariCore™ Console, where spectral analysis is performed using a proprietary algorithm currently being studied to demonstrate that it can distinguish normal versus suspicious tissue in real-time. The console also enables the digital recording and storing of the biopsy procedure.

Precise needle advancement for better control.

The ClariCore Handpiece provides automatic needle advancement in precise 1mm increments. This may enable you to bring the biopsy needle closer to hard-to-reach areas (apex, posterolateral peripheral zone, anterior transition zone, central zone, etc.) than standard “rapid fire” needle biopsy guns.

Visual feedback lights the way.*

A simple, easy-to-view remote indicator will be mounted on the ultrasound console to indicate in real time if the tissue is normal (negative) or suspicious. (green = normal, red = suspicious). It’s then up to you to decide whether or not you want to take a core sample.

The “new” normal must be highly accurate.

ClariCore’s spectral tissue analysis is based on the use of spectral biomarkers (tryptophan, collagen, NADH, gland fusions, loss glandularity, etc.) typically found in prostate tumors and uses a highly predictive algorithm intended to distinguish normal versus suspicious tissue.

* Expected to be offered when the ClariCore system is fully developed and commercialized during the next few years.