It’s well established that detecting disease early is key to achieving a better outcome. Precision Biopsy is developing a medical device platform to provide real-time identification of normal prostate tissue, optimize diagnosis and minimize unnecessary tissue coring, pathology costs, and patient anxiety.

Allied with Allied Minds.

Precision Biopsy is a subsidiary of Allied Minds, a company that forms, funds, manages and builds startups based on early-stage technology originating from U.S. universities and federally funded research institutions. With access to $20 billion in research and a network of over 80,000 scientists, Allied Minds possesses a strong track record of bringing transformative technology out of the lab and into the commercial marketplace.

Our milestones.

Born out of a fascination with the morphology of cancer tissue and knowledge of advanced spectroscopy techniques, Precision Biopsy was co-founded in 2008 by experts in bioengineering and pathology from the University of Colorado. We’ve made steady progress ever since and anticipate releasing a commercialized product during the next few years pending FDA approval.

Strong IP position.

Precision Biopsy has led the way in developing a device platform for real-time tissue classification and is building a strong patent portfolio in this space. Presently, we hold a patent on real-time tissue classification with several more patents pending with the U.S. Patent Office.

What the future could hold.

We aim to commercialize our technology with an initial focus on classifying tissue during prostate biopsies. Additional markets could include kidney, liver and breast biopsies. We believe our system could also be modified to support various focal therapies in the near future.